Pre-operative Surgical Planning DeepPLAN


DeepPLAN T is a pre-operative surgical simulator for orthopedic trauma. It supports simulating the trauma surgery including the identification of fractured fragments, reduction of all fragments, etc.  Deep learning in DeepPLAN T assists in simulating the surgery through full automation or user interaction.


DeepPLAN K is a deep learning-based digital templating system for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The surgeon can easily make accurate pre-operative surgical planning for TKA with the assistance of deep learning. It will be a good opportunity to save time and to achieve successful operation.


DeepPLAN A is an interactive medical image control software that specializes in 3D printing and data generation of deep learning for semantic segmentation. Researchers in the medical field can easily and efficiently handle this tool to progress high-quality studies.

DeepPLAN Fit

DeepPLAN Fit is a virtual surgical planning (VSP) software for orthopedic trauma. You can create a new design of patient-specific implants for 3D printing. Moreover, you can also establish surgical planning using the info on conventional implants by the manufacturer which has a business agreement.