KAVILAB Ltd. is trying to satisfy medical doctors in Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery using an AI-based personalized surgical planning system for bone fractures and total replacements, so-called DeepPLAN.

We strongly believe that innovation by our company will change the future of Orthopedic Surgery. 

Dear, leaders,

Definitely, the DeepPLAN will be the great partner to elevate the quality of the surgery and to dramatically reduce your operation time.

KAVILAB can provide AI-based technical support for medical doctors who want to publish high IF SCI papers or get national grants for their own research.




Obtained National Project for AI Voucher (231,000 USD)
Obtained National Project for Data Voucher
Obtained Global Cooperation Program for Company, N Up (154,000 USD)
Obtained National Grants for R&D (193,000 USD)
Pending the additional 4 Patents
Permitted GMP and Manufacturing License
Official Clinical Trials via the Ministry of Food and Drug
Obtained Program TIPS (386,000 USD)


Obtained National Project for AI Voucher (154,000 USD)
Installation of Product in Ulsan Univ. Hospital with MOU
Obtained National Grants for R&D (193,000 USD)
Attendance in AI EXPO for demonstration
Initiation of KFDA for DeepPLAN T

2020 ~ 2021

Attraction Fund from KIBO (115,000 USD)
Registration as High Potential Venture
Establishment of Industrial R&D Center
Pending 18 Patents (Registered 6 Patents)
Obtained 3 National Grants for R&D
Opened Symposium for Medical AI in Orthopedics
Won the 3 awards from Demo Day and Startup Competition